MRG Document Technologies Recognized as a Top Innovator of 2013

MRG Document Technologies Recognized as a Top Innovator of 2013

ALLAS, TX – March 18, 2014 – MRG Document Technologies (MRG) CompliancePlus and Miracle platform received the industry recognition of Top Innovation of 2013 at a Progress In Lending event held at the Mortgage Bankers Association Technology Conference and Expo in Los Angeles.

In 2013, to say that the mortgage banking industry had undergone sweeping regulatory changes that would impact far into 2014 is a blatant understatement. The community was faced with an immediate and compelling need to re-evaluate and upgrade not only their systems’ capacity to analyze and incorporate mandated regulatory changes, but indeed their very business processes as well. The risk of non-compliance was paramount and the ability to remain compliant and profitable in a volatile climate was daunting.

The key to affectively addressing the issues of this multi-faceted storm holistically for the lender was the combination of MRG’s CompliancePlus and dynamic technology platform, Miracle. The innovation was in the unique blend of legal compliance and technology as one collaborative offering mitigating lender risk while assuring they remain productive and profitable – worry free – backed by a $10 million E/O policy.

It is the continued pioneering effort of significant legal and technology advancements that lead to this industry recognition. Without the work that was accomplished, customers and prospects alike would be in a quagmire of red tape, audits, potential fines or the extreme buy backs. Ultimately, the MRG Document Technologies legal compliance team and services with CompliancePlus and the Miracle system is the answer in one place for compliance, documentation, compliance testing and calculations. This achievement is only the start of paving the way to mitigating vendor and lender risk with future new technology strategy already on the horizon.

“MRG Document Technologies is proud and extremely honored to represent and receive industry recognition as the Top Innovation of 2013,” said Kathleen Mantych, senior marketing director. “The MRG Executive Team would like to thank the Progress In Lending board for this recognition and for their dedication to this industry.”

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For over 35 years, Dallas-based MRG Document Technologies (MRG), a practice group within The Middleberg Riddle Group, one of America’s preeminent mortgage banking law firms, has provided to the mortgage industry at large an exceptional blend of compliance and cutting edge mortgage technology products and services that go beyond the norm for best of breed in the document compliance space throughout the United States. For more information about MRG, the leader and cut above in compliance and technology visit