Experience CompliancePlus

where compliance and technology are deeply intertwined for one unique offering

The key to addressing the challenges of regulatory compliance is to embed compliance within business processes. This enables a lender’s compliance department to manage regulatory risk and foster a culture of compliance across the organization.

An engine with the rules to get the right product, with the right mapping, into the right channel and deployed. If a lender is doing thousands of loans in 36 states and one state has changed its rules, it can be a major undertaking to adjust that one form. We offer tools and software designed to completely automate that process, paper out, go paperless, or go e-mortgage. Everyone in the lender organization gets the right forms, mapping, stacking order, rules, etc. and the lender can make adjustments to the forms in their document package at any time.

  • The ability to program and enforce business rules and policies
  • Functionality to effectively manage compliance issues
  • The flexibility to be the first to market with new product innovations
  • The ability to allow growth and improved volumes without adding staff

100% Accurate Compliance Guaranteed0%


To be an in-depth and trusted compliance organization, it takes an entire dedicated team to oversee and implement the many changes the regulatory agencies mandate in today’s complex environment. Our team of attorneys and compliance experts monitor over 65 governmental entities and maintain relationships with many of the regulatory and administrative agencies at the federal, state and local level.

To augment our document packages, we run all necessary compliance tests on each and every loan from disclosure through closing. Attorneys monitor the federal and state legislature for the control of these compliance tests as well as the programming that goes into the Miracle document system.

To complete our compliance offering, MRG’s experts are available to provide mortgage consulting and compliance services, and are only a phone call away.